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Tips On Different Types Of Paint For Interior Painting

interior paintingWhen you plan to paint the interior of your house, there will be different types of paint to sort through. How do you know what's best for the bathroom walls vs. what's best for the sunroom? Should I use a low gloss paint, flat paint, or high gloss paint? Where should I use oil-based paint instead of acrylic latex? All these questions and more are common with interior painting. Here are a few tips from our pros at Florida Contract Painting, LLC.

Durable Interior Paint For The Bathroom

Acrylic flat paint does not belong in the bathroom. While you can use it, you will find that there are problems down the line caused by the ever-present moisture in the bathroom. The more people that use the bathroom, the quicker the flat paint will fail. You'll wind up with wall texture that peels with the paint in a few years. Or there will be mold problems that you can't get rid of because it worked its way to the back of the wall.

For bathroom walls, be sure you use a low-sheen or satin paint with mildew-resistant properties. Semi-gloss repels moisture well on its own so use this for the trimwork in the bathroom.

Semi-Gloss Paint For Ceilings

A semi-gloss acrylic paint is best for ceilings. This is a durable, washable paint that is naturally mildew-resistant. Be sure you apply an acrylic primer before using the semi-gloss paint. This helps to cover stains and adds a much-needed layer of protection to the ceiling.

Acrylic Paint For Drywall Walls

Most homes have drywall walls rather than plaster or wood paneling. Acrylic paint goes on very evenly and is durable enough for the walls. You can choose between the low-gloss, flat, semi-gloss, or high-gloss acrylic interior paints. High-gloss paint is very reflective and will give off an undesirable shine, so it is more appropriately used as a seal coating for floors and other high traffic areas.

Where To Use Oil-Based Paint

You will find oil-based paint on doors and trimwork. It is an extremely durable finish. Be sure to use it to paint over old doors that have oil-based paint on them. You can test the paint to determine what type it is by applying denatured alcohol to a rag and rubbing the door with it. If the paint does not soften, it is oil-based.

Use Acrylic Primer For Acrylic Paint & Oil-Based Primer For Oil-Based Paint

Don't ever mix up the type of primer you apply underneath the paint. If you are using acrylic latex, use the acrylic primer. There is an oil-based primer for the oil-based paint. You also need to know what type of paint is already on the walls. It is rare to find oil-based paint on walls today, but it is possible. If you apply acrylic paint over oil-based paint, the acrylic will probably eventually crack.

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