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Commercial Painting Tips In Fort Lauderdale

The goal of any commercial business is to attract customers and keep them coming back. When a potential customer visits your property, you want them to be attracted to your business. How the customer feels about your property is every bit as important as how they feel about what your service or product.

Painting the exterior and interior of your commercial business is one quick way to make a big improvement in your professional reputation. It strategically enhances the atmosphere and sets the stage for your success.

Florida Contract Painting, LLC is a professional Fort Lauderdale commercial painting company. Our pros offer painting tips for residents and businesses in the area. Here are some things you need to know about painting your property.

Ask Yourself Honestly, Do You Need Commercial Painting?

If the exterior and interior of your business are welcoming and attractive, potential customers will be more inclined to feel good about your business. This is one case where it's understandable that looks do matter.

Have you taken a good look at the exterior of your business? How bad is the paint, is it peeling or just dull? Is it time to repaint the building?

Seeing your establishment as others see it isn't easy. You are used to seeing your building every day as you arrive and leave. It's important to put yourself in your customer's shoes. What are they really seeing?

Trust us, they see everything. It's amazing how much every little blemish stands out to customers. Some will even look for defects in order to form their opinions.

Exterior Painting

Exterior painting should always be kept up when needed. Spot painting should be done if there are areas that need it sooner. You want to do all you can to draw customers indoors.

Be sure you use high-quality exterior paint that lasts and that the surfaces are properly prepared before painting. This keeps you from having to repaint again in a few years.

Choosing The Right Colors For Interior Painting

Studies have shown that color affects customers in certain ways. Color affects mood. The colors you choose will make a difference in how customers feel.

  • Yellow - If you like yellow, be sure you choose the softer shades. Yellow is an irritant. Unless you are trying to excite the customer or create energy, avoid bright yellow. It may be more appropriate for advertisements, signs, billboards, or anything you want to attract attention to but not for interior walls.
  • Red - Red raises energy levels. The brightest reds increase adrenaline. It stimulates conversation and draws people together. If you want to stir up excitement, say in a dance club atmosphere, it's a good color to choose. Otherwise, choose a more subtle shade or add some darker orange pigment. Stay away from crimson, it makes some people feel irritable or invokes feelings or range and hostility.
  • Neutrals - White, cream, brown, black, gray, and other neutral colors calm things down. Depending on your business, you may want to add more neutral colors or decrease the dose.
  • Green & Blue - Green is a refreshing cool color. Both green and blue evokes relaxation and a feeling of comfort and serenity.
  • Purple - Purple brings a rich, dramatic, and luxurious feel to a room. Lighter shades evoke a restful feeling.

Do You Need A Professional Commercial Painting Contractor?

If you are planning to improve the appeal of your commercial business and need a commercial painting contractor in Fort Lauderdale, call us for an estimate. We would love to help! We offer a number of services including interior and exterior painting, pressure washing, wallpaper removal, popcorn ceiling removal, and waterproofing.

If you are looking for expert commercial painter in the Fort Lauderdale area, please call Florida Contract Painting, LLC at 954-781-8916 or complete our online request form.