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Interior Residential and Commercial Services in Fort Lauderdale

In addition to our distinguished painting services, Florida Contract Painting also offers a wide scale of interior and exterior renovation and cleaning services for all residential and commercial properties across Fort Lauderdale and Southeastern Florida. Our services are designed to protect your property and keep it looking good all throughout the year. Our services range from exterior pressure washing and surface cleaning to exterior and interior waterproofing, popcorn removal, and wallpaper removal. These are services that Fort Lauderdale painting contractor provides that far outweigh the hassle of doing them yourself. Try our services and notice the difference that they make in your upcoming renovation or cleaning projects.

Pressure Washing

pressure washing

Our pressure washing services are designed to clean any finish and any surface along your property. No matter what you need washed, we have both high power and soft washing equipment that can be adjusted in order to clean the surface without damaging the finish. We clean everything from sidewalks and driveways to wooden decks, fences, roofing and asphalt shingles, and vinyl siding. If you have a surface that has tough stains we use eco-friendly chemicals and solutions that will lift the stains, remove them, and restore your surface back to it's natural beauty. With Florida Contact Painting, pressure washing has never been easier.

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Wallpaper Removal

wallpaper removal

One of the most irritating ventures you'll ever undertake is trying to remove the wallpaper from your wall. Remember, that wallpaper is designed to stick on your wall indefinitely, so removing it is almost impossible. This is why you should contact us the next time you want to remove the wallpaper from your room. We have the tools and the experience necessary to remove wallpaper from your wall without damaging the wall itself and keeping your wall in tact. No matter what type of paper it is or how long it's been on the wall, we can remove 100% of it in a fraction of the time that it takes to do it yourself.

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Before you ever start a paint project inside or outside your home, you may want to get your house inspected for air or water leaks. As your house gets older, the framework shifts. This creates openings where drafts and moisture can get it. When this happens, you can call our contractors to come out and inspect your home to see where the vulnerable areas are and what we can do to waterproof your house. Waterproofing solutions keep the water out and keep key areas of your home warm and dry. This greatly preserves your home and gives it longer life and better quality.

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Popcorn Removal

popcorn ceiling removal

Tired of that old popcorn ceiling that was created 40 years ago? We can help. We offer professional popcorn removal that is quick, safe, and leaves a smooth finish on your ceiling when the job is completed. One thing to remember is that popcorn ceilings can contain asbestos in the popcorn itself. When stationary the asbestos is relatively harmless. If you try to remove it yourself, however, it turns into dust that goes airborne and can be inhaled. This creates a severely unhealthy environment in your home or business. We provide safer solutions for popcorn removal that will not bring any harm to the people inside.

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