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Superior Painting Service in Lighthouse Point

Lighthouse Point painting contractor

When you want fast service, hassle-free dependable work, and affordable rates that stay within your budget, hire the professionals at Florida Contract Painting. We offer a full range of painting services as well interior renovation services that help you revitalize your home or business here in Lighthouse Point. Our Lighthouse Point Painting Contractor perform all types of paint projects from single rooms in small residential properties to extended areas in corporate buildings. No job is too tough for our Florida certified painting contractors to handle. We are committed to achieving 100% satisfaction from each of our clients and do not stop working until you are happy! Contact a Florida Contract Painting specialist today and let's launch your next paint project.

Dependable Commercial Painting For Your Business

Over the last 10 years we have partnered with dozens of business owners across Southeast Florida and have helped them upgrade their company's image with revolutionary new paint solutions that make a first and lasting impression with both their clients and staff. From restaurants and small office buildings, all the way to condos, hotels, corporate buildings, and churches we can help you take your business image to the next level. We sit down with each of our business clients and help create a vision for their interior. Once the design is laid out, we then turn your ideas into reality almost overnight. No idea is too big and not design to complex. Whether you're into single tones or want stripes, or patterns you can have it with Florida Contract Painting. We are the commercial painting authority.

Popcorn Removal

If you have an older home in Lighthouse Point with popcorn ceilings, then it is highly recommended that you do not remove the popcorn yourself. Many popcorn ceilings are lined with asbestos. When stationary asbestos is generally harmless, but when removed it creates dust in the air that can be inhaled and becomes toxic. We offer a popcorn removal service that is both effective, fast, and safe without bringing any harm to your family or our employees. We have the tools, equipment, and knowledge necessary to do the job right the first time and create a smooth surface for your ceiling once again. Don't take chances with your popcorn ceiling. Hire the professionals at Florida Contract Painting.

Check Our Waterproofing Service

Before painting your home interior or exterior it's a good idea to have your home inspected for air or water leaks. Whether it's the roof, walls, ceiling, or flooring, having your house air and water tight will preserve your interior and exterior paint jobs and give them longer life. This is why we've added waterproofing service as a courtesy for our clients. We give your home a thorough assessment and then repair, replace or tighten areas where water can get in. This is done both inside and outside your home. This has proven to be a valuable service for both home and business owners prior to painting.

Creative Interior Painting Service

All room renovation begins with a fresh palette. So when you're ready to get started we can create a whole new vibe any single room or your entire home interior. Whether you're into solids and traditional colors, or want to go for something contemporary we'll take your vision and turn it into reality overnight. With Florida Contract Painting the possibilities are endless. Our painters have helped hundreds of homeowners bring new life to their rooms with brilliant colors and bright tones that truly transform that old room into a vibrant environment.

We Offer Exterior Painting For Residential Properties

Is the paint on your home getting old, chipping and cracking? It's for a brand new exterior paint job from Florida Contract Painting. We offer full exterior painting for all types of residential properties across Southeast Florida. Whether you live in a small home or a multi-level estate, we provide the same high quality work for all properties large and small. We paint vinyl siding, wood, tile, brick, and other types of hard and soft surfaces. We use high end paint that has unmatched durability and provides exceptional protection for you home throughout the year.

Lighthouse Point, FL

Our Painting Tips

4 Exterior Painting Tips For Your Fort Lauderdale Home

Exterior paint serves two main purposes. First, it is designed to protect your entire home from the outside elements such as sunlight, wind, humidity and extreme temperatures. In Fort Lauderdale all of these are important factors that can easily determine which type of paint you go with.

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4 Interior Painting Tips to Get You Started

Although redesigning your home or business interior can be very rewarding, the process can often be a headache. Although a professional company will actually be applying the paint, there is lots of preparation that you have to undergo in order to make painting day a success. The more plan ahead the more you'll enjoy

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Lighthouse Point Interior Painting

interior painting Lighthouse Point

Get the room you've always wanted now with stunning colors and patterns from Florida Contract Paint. We can take your old room and transform it into a brand new environment that complements your overall room design. Whether you're into neutrals that go well in just about any setting, or you're going for a more bold specific design, we can help you achieve your goals. We sit down with each of our clients and closely work with them in order to determine their, and then turn their ideas into reality in no time at all. You get custom painting for any room in your house.

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Lighthouse Point Exterior Painting

exterior painting Lighthouse Point

Make your house stand out this season with a brand new exterior paint job. Quality exterior paint from Florida Contract Paint gives your home the protection it needs while adding aesthetic value that is unmatched anywhere in Fort Lauderdale. We offer a full exterior painting package that includes chipping away the old paint, sanding down around the outside surface, making any necessary repairs, adding the primary, and, finally, the paint. When the job is done, you'll be amazed at how new your home looks again. A new paint job greatly improves your curb appeal and helps you maintain your homes value.

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If you are looking for expert painting contractors in the Lighthouse Point area then please call 954-781-8916 or complete our online request form.